Engagement Ring Styles for Every Bride

Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be a hard decision. Whether you are trying to pick an engagement ring for yourself or for your partner, it is a monumental moment. The bride’s personal style and personality needs to be taken into consideration, along with your own budget. These different styles will appear to different types of brides and help you figure out some of your options.


Solitaire engagement rings are suited to timeless and elegant brides. Solitaire rings feature one centre diamond and are the most popular engagement style. Most solitaire rings are on a plain band but diamond accents on the band are popular too.


If the bride is stylish and glamorous they may want something with a bit more flair. Halo diamonds have a circle of smaller diamonds around a bigger centre diamond. This style makes the diamond appear bigger and is perfect for couples on a budget.


If the ring wearer is fashion forward and modern they will probably have the same style in engagement rings. They may want to forego a diamond altogether and go for an emerald, morganite, or even a pearl instead. Some couples even get tattoos on their ring fingers instead of an engagement ring.


If you’re looking for a romantic engagement ring, a vintage ring may suit perfectly. Look for antique rings that have character. If you’re close with your parents or grandparents they might even want to hand you down their ring. If they had a long and healthy marriage some couples believe that it will bring luck to the new couple.

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