How to Take Engagement Photos You’ll Treasure Forever

Nowadays, couples are having engagement photo shoots as a keepsake from the moment they agreed to spend their life together. However, it’s way harder than it looks to get the perfect candid photograph the moment your partner says ‘Yes’, even if you hire a photographer. Not to worry though, couples are now planning these engagement photo shoots after the fact, in order to capture this once in a lifetime memory. Here are some top tips to ensure you leave with engagement photos you can’t wait to show off.

Be Comfortable

This is something you should prepare for in advance. For starters, if you are camera shy, choose a location where you won’t have random members of the public staring at you. If you are truly comfortable it will show in your photos, so wear something you feel nice in and do your makeup and hair how you like it best. Ask the photographer (professional or otherwise) to let you know when you are doing well to improve your confidence.

Be Original

A lot of couples search online for photographs they want to mimic because they think they look cute. However, this will most likely not turn out as planned because you’ll be in a totally different setting. The photo you want to copy most likely looks as good as it does because it was candid, so be yourself and get candid engagement photos of your own.

Trust the Photographer

Whether your photographer is a professional or just a designated friend, it is super important you trust them.  They are the ones behind the camera screen and you asked them to do it because they know what they’re doing. If you are a bit on the controlling side stop a good bit in and ask them can you see a few to get a feel of how they’re turning out.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

The right light can soften everything so the camera doesn’t have to do as much work. If you can find good lighting your skin, hair, eyes, and well everything, will look a hundred times better. If you wake up the morning of the shoot and it is cloudy, don’t be afraid to postpone it until a sunnier, brighter day.

Don’t Overthink It

Natural shoots always turn out way better than perfectly posed pictures. You don’t need millions of props and different settings to get good shots. Laugh and mess and be yourselves and you’ll get stunning engagement photos. If you want to prepare a little in advance, think of funny memories you can share with your significant other that will get them smiling.

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