Creative Things to do with your Dress After the Wedding

So, many people will agree that getting the perfect wedding dress is one of the most important parts of their big day. However, that’s just it, it only lasts one day. The question then is, what do you do with your dress after the wedding is over? There are loads of different options for people who want to keep their dress and people who want to give it a new life.

A wonderful idea for giving your dress new life, after the wedding, is to donate it to a charitable organisation. There are dozens of organisations that will take your donated wedding dress and give the resale proceeds to different charities. Oxfam Bridal in Dublin and Barnardos Bridal in Dun Laoghaire and Wexford are two local favourites that do tremendous charitable work. Oxfam Bridal is committed to bettering people all over the world living in poverty, and Barnardos Bridal works to aid children in Ireland affected by poverty, neglect and abuse while also providing support for parents. You can also recoup some of the wedding costs by selling your dress on sites like Ebay or Amazon

It’s also possible to give your dress new life in other ways after the wedding. Saving your dress and having Christening dresses for children or grandchildren made out of the fabric has been a popular idea for a long time, and people are coming up with more modern ways to reuse your dress as well. Some brides are opting to take their dresses to a seamstress and have it made into a cocktail dress – shorten it, dye it, and you have an entirely new dress! Some brides are also opting to keep things interesting and use the fabric from their dresses to make their own custom lingerie. You can make your dress into a pillow, create a bouquet wrap or garter for future daughters or nieces, make handkerchiefs, a Christmas tree skirt, a lace-pendant necklace, and almost anything else you can think of!

If you really want to do something different and memorable, you can make an event out of trashing your dress. The concept may sound a little odd and maybe even a bit horrific, but it can really be a lot of fun! Some brides choose to do a post-wedding, professional photoshoot that’s a little less traditional than their pre-wedding photos. Spray paint, splatter paint or the remnants of a paintball war on a pristine white wedding dress might be some people’s idea of a tragedy, but if that’s your thing, you should definitely give it a go! Another popular idea for trashing your dress is to do some kind of underwater or beach photoshoot. Your dress may not make it out unscathed, but the pictures will be truly stunning!

Now, maybe none of this applies to you because you want to keep your dress in the back of your closet forever, or maybe you’re looking for alternatives to the traditional white wedding dress. Pantsuits and tuxedos for off-beat brides have become very popular as of late. Whether they’re classic and clean-cut or funky and fresh, the women defying tradition on their big day look fantastic and can have just as much fun trashing their tuxes afterward!

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