Maid of Honour – Do’s and Dont’s

Being asked to be your friend or family members maid of honour is a huge compliment. You are being trusted to help out on one of the most important days of their lives.

Some of us our asked because we are super close to the bride and there’s nobody else they’d want in the job and some of us our asked simply because we’re organised and they know we will do great a job. For whatever reason you’ve been asked its always good to get some advice of what to do, and almost more importantly, not what to do.


1. Plan the pre-wedding parties, such as the hen and the bridal party, before the bride asks you to. Make sure you subtly check if she wants a hen party first, because not all brides do and it may get awkward if her and her husband have decided to skip hens and bachelors. Once you get the all clear, plan the parties to her taste. It can be easy to get carried away with what you’d like, but it’s not your day after all.

2. Once the bride isn’t being over demanding, try and help out with as much as you can. They will have a lot on their plate so anything you can take control of will ease a lot of their stress.

3. Their might be a few ups and downs as the wedding day comes closer. When they’re super excited make sure you show them how excited you are (even if it’s all they talk about), and if they get worried or a slight case of cold feet, be there as a comforting ear.

4. Lastly be the maid of honour you’d want to have, one day they may even be returning the favour!


1. Don’t be too pushy with your opinion, you can give advice but within reason. This especially applies to picking out the bride’s dress. You’ve a slight bit more leeway when it comes to your bridesmaid dress, but not a huge amount, it’s their day, their way.

2. Go to all of the important wedding planning moments the bride asks you to be at. Don’t keep making excuses to get out of it.

3. Don’t cause any drama at wedding activities or on the day of the wedding. You will ruin a special moment for them.

4. Lastly, don’t commit to so much that it affects your personal life, there’s only so much they should and can ask from their maid of honour. Don’t be afraid to put your foot down if needs be.

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