DIY Wedding Food – Handy and Stress Free Ideas

While every aspect of your wedding is exciting and special, there’s one element guests look forward to most. I’d love to say it’s the moment you say ‘I Do’ or your first dance but it is usually… the food! Wedding days can be super long and there’s usually not much opportunity to eat between the beginning of the ceremony and the dinner, so everyone will be really hungry and excited when that time rolls around.

While a lot of people look externally to provide wedding food, some people want to take it into their own hands. If you are having an at home wedding this is ideal. Here are some of the easier ways to do DIY wedding food, that will leave your guests smiling.


Barbeques are perfect for casual summer weddings. They are bound to get everyone up, chatting and in a good mood. They won’t run as smoothly if the wedding is too big and people will be left waiting around to be fed, so keep this in mind. They are also weather permitted but if it is sunny and you are having an outdoor wedding they are ideal. If you don’t want a BBQ on the day of your wedding, a nice alternative is to have one for lunch the day after.

One Pot Meals

This is perfect for any size weddings. Meals like chillies, lasagnes, and curries are not only easy to make but they don’t require a lot of work to keep them hot. They can be made the night before and heated up before everyone sits down to eat. If it’s a big wedding have more than one option, and make sure to check if anyone is vegetarian so you can include an option for them.

Cold Food

This option will be the least stressful on the day of your wedding. All of the wedding food can be made in advance and taken out of the fridge before your guests arrive. If you have any friends or family members that want to pitch in a salad or a sandwich platter all the better. Nice cold food ideas include, sandwiches, cheese boards, salads, muffins, and pastries. This is an especially nice idea if it is a hot day.


You can’t be expected to cook for everyone so ask your mom or maid of honour (if they can bake) to help out with desserts. A wedding cake is enough but if you want to you can cook some muffins or pies as well. These can all be cooked a good bit in advance.

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