DIY Wedding Decorations – Save Money and Add Some Character

Weddings can be really expensive considering it’s only a one day affair (or at most a weekend). If you’re trying to find quirky ways to save money on your wedding costs, DIY wedding decorations are a great place to start. Ask your friends and family to help out and it can even be fun getting artsy and saving money on your wedding at the same time. DIY wedding decorations are also going to be one of a kind, so it definitely adds personality to your special day.

Homemade Place Cards

There are so many different homemade place card ideas, so we are going to just stick with our favourites. If you live close to the beach, collect pebbles and write your guests name on them or collect shells to place their name card in. Alternatively, why not find your favourite photo of you with the guest and use it as a place card (this will only work if you have photos with all of your guests).

Wine Bottle Centre Pieces

Wine bottle centre pieces are a win win; you can drink copious amounts of wine and say it’s for the wedding decoration cause and they look really trendy and rustic at the same time. Fill your empty wine bottles with handpicked flowers or put long stem candles in them and let the wax fall down the bottle.

Tea Lights in Jars

Using jars as wedding decoration props is almost a right of passage at this stage. We love the idea of using them as drink glasses or filling them with tea lights and decorating your venue.

Wild Flower Bouquet

Instead of purchasing your bouquet at a florist, get out there and pick it yourself. You can even make a date out of it with your significant other, which will add a whole other lair of meaning to your flower bouquet.


Photographs are a great way to personalise your wedding day. Get crafty and hang up photographs of you, your partner, and your guests around the venue. You can even make a fun game of it and ask people to guess who’s in the really old photos.

Wedding Signs

Wedding signs are really popular for rustic themed weddings. If you don’t have any wood yourself, ask a friend for some and make signs with cute messages out of it. It’s small touches like this that makes your wedding really unique and memorable.

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