Wedding Alternatives – Commitment Ceremony

A lot of couples for their own reasons, maybe they’ve been married before or they don’t want to involve legals, choose not to get married. This does not mean they don’t want to be together forever and that they don’t love each other just as much as married couples, they just have a different outlook. Many of these couples opt to have a commitment ceremony instead of  a wedding.

A commitment ceremony is the bringing together of two people in a promise that they will love and be committed to each other forever. It is a deceleration of their love for on another. This is either in private, just between the couple, or amongst their family and friends.

Commitment ceremonies are generally treated very like a wedding. The couple can read vows, exchange rings, and have a handfasting or candle lighting ceremony (both of which are very popular at Marry Me Ireland). After the commitment ceremony a lot of couples choose to have a reception of some kind, like a wedding reception there are no rules. Some couples prefer to just go for a meal themselves, and others throw a huge party for all of their family and friends.

As commitment ceremonies are not legal, there is no need for the couple to involve anyone from the HSE. As with weddings, a lot of organisations have certain rules and procedures they need to follow for the ceremony. At Marry Me Ireland, we think the couple should have full reign over how they want their ceremony to go. It is completely up to you, but the celebrant will be on hand to make suggestions and offer the best advice.

Here at Marry Me Ireland we have a wide variety of exceptional celebrants who can deliver the wedding ceremony of your dreams – traditional, unique or otherwise. So get in touch today and we can start planning your special day!