Commitment Ceremonies

A commitment ceremony is a non-legal ceremony to formalise a promise between two people. It is a promise to stay with each other and a declaration of love and devotion. Couples sometimes, for a variety of reasons, do not want to change their legal status and so instead celebrate their ‘common law’ relationship with a commitment ceremony. They may have been married before or have an ideological opposition to legal marriage but still want to make their union official and have a party.


Often they will have wedding-like features including vows, the exchange of eternity rings and other enhancements such as sand-blending or hand-fasting. The possibilities are limitless for these ceremonies. They often take place in private, with the couple focusing exclusively on each other.  Should couples want to have a name change this is possible without being legally married.  Although some clergy members are happy to conduct these ceremonies it is normally a civil celebrant who will officiate.

We are just delighted that people want to celebrate Love and we are delighted to be involved and play our part.

Thinking of creating your own bespoke commitment ceremony but don’t know where to start? Contact us at Marry Me Ireland for more on crafting your perfect ceremony – whatever it is!