Food Glorious Food! Different Catering Styles for your Wedding

For the guests, one of the biggest attractions at a wedding can be the food. Weddings are often a whole day affair and by dinner time most of the guests will have grumbling bellies. A foolproof way to make your day even more special and enjoyable is to have a mouth watering menu.

Plated or Sit Down Dinner

A plated dinner is one of the most popular styles to serve food at a wedding, it is considered the most formal and traditional way. The guests are all seated and ordinarily served a three course meal (starter, main course, and dessert). Most couples opt for a selection of two main courses, usually two types of protein, with a vegetarian or vegan option made for demand.

This option guarantees all your guests eat at the same time so it can be easier to organise speeches and dances etc. around this. However, it can be more expensive due to the extra staff needed to serve the food and the seating arrangements necessary.

Food Trucks

Food trucks are quickly becoming more and more popular at weddings. Depending on your budget you can have as many food trucks as you desire sprinkled around the venue. This option is more suited for outdoor weddings but it can definitely work for marquees and semi-outdoor weddings too. Some couples are even hiring drink trunks to fulfil their guest’s prosecco and wine cravings!

These trucks will make for a very relaxed feeding style but a downside may be that everyone does not get fed at the same time and there probably will be queues.



Buffets are a more casual cost effective alternative to a plated sit down dinner. Guests can go up to a long table to choose what and how much food they want. They can either serve the food themselves or you can hire waiters to stand behind the table to do it for them (this will add an extra charge).

Buffets make it easier to provide a variety of different food choices, which is handy if you have extra picky eaters or people with dietary restrictions coming to your wedding. However, not everyone is going to be able to be fed at the same time so, like the food truck option, queues may form.

Cocktail Style

This is a more modern trend that involves small bites being served throughout your wedding rather than a main meal. You can hire waiters to circle the room with trays or you can have stationary tables scattered around the room. This style does not require assigned seating and dinner tables so alternatively you can scatter high tables and chairs around the room for people to rest throughout the night.

Cocktail style is not as common as some other forms of serving food so it is important to forewarn guests that they will not be having a full meal to avoid confusion. While food costs will go down, you can expect drink costs to go up due to the social aspect involved in having no assigned seats.

Wedding Breakfast

If you want an early wedding, a breakfast reception could be the perfect way to feed your guests. If you are looking for more airy and light food, than fried or grilled meats and foods, croissants, fresh fruit, muffins, smoked salmon and eggs benedict all come to mind (or you could have a mix of the two). Wedding breakfasts are a great way to keep costs down not only for the food but the drink costs will be considerably lower as well.

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