Candle Lighting Ceremony

One of our more popular wedding ceremonies at Marry Me Ireland is the, Candle Lighting Ceremony. Unlike the handfasting ceremony, this is a relatively new addition to wedding ceremonies. It involves the lighting of a unity candle using two other tapered candles.

At the beginning of the ceremony one or two people light two tapered candles. A lot of couples choose to have one member of each of their families to light each candle. Other couples want the celebrant performing their wedding ceremony to do the honours. Later in the ceremony, usually after the reading of the vows or the exchanging of rings, the couple takes a lit candle each and lights the unity candle together.

The lighting of the candle is usually accompanied by a brief description behind the meaning and symbolism of the unity candle. Sometimes the candle lighting ceremony represents the bringing together of the two families of the newlywed couple into one. Other couples use the ceremony to represent the union of two people becoming one. The tapered candles can be kept lit to signify their families continued love and support for them through marriage, or they can be blown out to signify their progression into a new family.

The unity candle ceremony originated in America but is gaining popularity all over the western world. It’s an easy addition to any wedding that brings a special meaning with it. Most couples choose to keep their unity candle after their wedding and relight it at other life milestones, like baby naming ceremonies or christenings,  or at their wedding anniversaries.

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