Budget Savvy Brides

Stay on Budget


Everyone wants their wedding to be beautiful, but nobody wants to think about the dent left in their wallet afterward. However, you can still have your dream wedding without weeping over a pile of receipts after everything is said and done. At Marry Me Ireland, we’ve come up with some advice on how to stay on budget while dealing with all the odds and ends that make up your wedding celebration.


Unusual Timing

Most weddings tend to take place during the warmer months on Saturday afternoons. Seeing as how there’s only so many Saturdays to go around, couples tend to pay more money for those slots. A simple way to save a bit of money is to consider having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday afternoon or maybe tying the knot during the winter months. For some couples, this isn’t ideal, and they would rather save the money elsewhere, but if you’re not particularly bothered by the date, this may be an excellent option that you hadn’t thought of before.


Go Paperless

Rather than spending a fortune on printed invitations and save-the-dates, some couples are opting to go the paperless route. You can send E-Invites and save-the-date reminders and post relevant information on your own wedding website – a relatively easy and inexpensive task to undertake.


Be Frugal with Your Florals

Flowers can be much more expensive than people think depending on style and amount. You can save money by purchasing in-season, discount flowers at places like Lidl and Aldi where you can spend €15 per bouquet rather than €100. The floral arrangements also don’t have to be overwhelming. Feel free to be as sparse or as liberal as you want within your budget.


DIY Décor

DIY decorations like centrepieces, garlands, stationary, bouquets, and anything else you might want to try your hand at are easy ways to save a bit of money. Give yourself plenty of time to complete your projects so you don’t wind up working on them for forty hours straight the week of the wedding.


Re-Dress to Impress

Unthinkable for a long time, but now growing in popularity, many brides are choosing to resell their wedding dresses or purchase previously owned gowns. There are hundreds of websites that deal with buying, selling or renting previously worn dresses and accessories, or there are shops like ASOS, BooHoo, River Island, and Etsy who sell beautiful, affordable gowns and accessories. It’s also good idea to factor the cost of accessories into your wardrobe budget so you can stick to a firm number. You might consider wearing a family member’s dress – whether you choose to wear it as is or have it altered to fit your own style. Things like veils, shoes, and jewellery can easily fall into the “something borrowed” category as another way to save.


Favour Charities

Rather than providing pricy wedding favours for all your guests, make a charitable donation to the organisation of your choice. You can determine the amount, stay on budget, and help others while you’re at it. And, to make sure the money you spend on your dress and accessories is put to good use, looking into companies like Barnardos Bridal is a great idea. Barnardos Bridal is an organisation which sells gowns and wedding accessories that have been donated by Irish designers and retailers for bargain prices and donates the proceeds to the Barnardos children’s charity.


Vendors, Venues, and Photographers

Utilise your resources and talk to the various people you’ve employed to help with your wedding. Give them your numbers and see what kind of plans and amenities you can have within your budget.


Most of the time, simple and understated can be just as awe-inspiring as grand and elaborate. It’s important to remember that you and your spouse are the focus of the day – not the decorations, the food, the wedding favours or anything else – so don’t be afraid to set a limit for yourselves in order to stay on budget.