Budding Bouquet Trends

Today’s wedding traditions vary widely depending on the couple’s style and wishes, but there’s one thing that most couples seem to agree on – personalisation. Rather than sticking to ritual and traditional muted colours, many couples are adding their own flair to their big day. Vibrant flower displays and an alternative bridal bouquet are quickly becoming popular ways to accomplish this.

While flowers and bouquets have been included in wedding ceremonies for centuries, the iconic bouquet toss has fallen out of style in recent years. Dating back to fourteenth-century England, the bridal bouquet was originally comprised of fragrant herbs meant to drive away evil spirits and cover up the stench of people who didn’t bathe often. During this time, wedding guests believed that a bride was exceptionally lucky on her wedding day so they would tear off pieces of her dress in order to steal some of her good fortune. Fed up with having their dresses torn, the brides began tossing their bouquets into the crowd instead. Many brides have omitted the now-cliché bouquet toss from their receptions, choosing instead to preserve their bouquets as a memento of the day or alternatively split it into smaller bouquets to gift to the important women in their lives.

While throwing the bouquet has become a rarity, flowers and bouquets remain popular. Couples display their own personal style and wow their guests with show-stopping flower arrangements covering almost every available surface, from tables to walls to archways, and many of these displays featuring vibrant hues and plenty of foliage. Cascading bridal bouquets made of the same colourful blooms and greenery accompany these flower arrangements.

However, there are also many couples who have decided to go for a more unique substitute. Many forms of alternative bouquets for bridal parties are trending including paper or fabric flower bouquets, balloons, handkerchiefs, flower crowns, brooch bouquets, and even lanterns. Brooch bouquets offer a unique opportunity for brides to include brooches from their loved ones and add even more meaning to their ceremony. Many of these options are less expensive than traditional flowers, which can average anywhere from €80 – €300 per bouquet, and they provide the couple the opportunity to put their own stamp on the ceremony. These alternative bouquets are easily preserved as a keepsake of the day.

There are still couples who opt for a more traditional ceremony and decorations, but the number of people who are choosing to put their own personalised touch on their wedding is growing. Both flowers and alternative bouquets are a beautiful, creative way to customise your big day.

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