Bridesmaid Dresses – What to Consider Before Shopping

Choosing your bridesmaid’s dresses can almost be as hard as choosing your bridesmaids. A lot of brides give full control to their bridesmaids with little or no say, and a lot do the very opposite and pick them alone. The majority, however, pick them together, resulting in smiles all around. There are multiple styles of bridesmaid dresses to choose from but before you pick the exact dress, you should go into the dress shop with a good idea of what you are looking for.


The colour of your bridesmaid’s dresses is usually the first thing chosen. It’s important to think about this a lot before going dress shopping. The colour needs to be something you love and it needs to match the wedding. While most dresses can be made in multiple colours, they may need to be especially made, meaning a hefty price tag, so keep this in mind.


Short, medium or long? Brides usually don’t have to put too much thought into what length they want their bridesmaid dresses. However, this is where the bride’s point of view and the bridesmaid’s may clash. Don’t be scared to put your foot down, it’s your special day, but take preferences and body types into account when choosing.

Matching or Not

Bridesmaid’s dresses definitely do not all need to be the same. They can be different dresses, but it is still important they all go together. Choose a certain style, material, or colour if you don’t want identical dresses and stick to it. Alternatively, a lot of bridesmaid dresses nowadays are nearly identical with different straps to suit different body types.


This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing your bridesmaid’s dresses. Set a budget before going dress shopping, and don’t look at dresses that go over it. This is key to avoiding disappointment. The last thing you want to do is blow your budget, or your bridesmaids if their paying, on a dress for one day.

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