Love Stories: Vin & Caroline’s Fairytale Belleek Castle Wedding

Dublin pair Vin and Caroline had a fairytale Belleek Castle wedding in Co. Mayo in October last year. Let’s take a look at the day and their wonderful love story:

Today’s Love Story bride Caroline has always been a huge animal lover and works for DSPCA and so it seemed only fitting their lovable dog Bo, should play a starring role in her and Vin’s magnificent Mayo wedding ceremony written and delivered by Marry Me Ireland celebrant Eveanna O’Meara. Bo the dog was the ring bearer and came up the aisle with the rings on his collar, melting the hearts of every guest. Just look how cute these pics are!

Belleek Castle Wedding photo by studio brown - see more at

Caroline and Vin told MMI how they met over 6 years ago. According to Caroline, who was living in London at the time was home for Christmas and was on a night out in town with friends. They went to see a gig ‘Dub Step’, a gig that Vin was also at, now Vin would like it noted before this story continues, that his musical tastes have evolved significantly since then!  So Caroline was at the gig with Fiona,( the Maid of Honour) and Vin was there with some college friends. One of these college friends was very busy trying to chat Caroline up, but unfortunately for him (and fortunate for Vin) he ticked none of her boxes. Unbeknownst to her though she had also caught Vin’s eye and at the end of the night in the romantic setting of the cloakroom Vin decided to make his move.

Belleek Castle Wedding photo by studio brown - see more at

They got chatting, had a laugh, had a kiss, then Vin saw Caroline to a taxi where they exchanged numbers and email addresses.  They both wondered as the taxi drove away if they would ever see each other again as Caroline was returning to the UK the next day.  But over those following three weeks they continually texted and emailed each other and Caroline realised that Vin was someone who was ticking her boxes.  So a meet up in London was arranged. They went horse riding, they went out for dinner and drinks and over that first weekend together they realised they had a wonderful connection, they had an ease in their conversations talking to each other about anything and everything as if they had known each other for years.

Belleek Castle Wedding photo by studio brown - see more at

Their Marry Me Ireland Ceremony contained a Unity Candle Ceremony where both of their Mothers of the couple came forward to light two individual candles, representing the life given to each of them by their parents. This is a perfect way to involve parents in your big day and thanks them for the roles they have played. They also had a traditional Handfasting Ceremony which is the oldest Irish marriage ritual that we know of. it is where we get the term ‘tying the knot’. This happens after the exchange of rings and vows.

Belleek Castle Wedding photo by studio brown - see more at

A big thanks to Studio Brown for the gorgeous photographs and to Vin and Caroline for letting us feature you here at Marry Me Ireland, we wish you both the best of luck.

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Wedding Venue: Belleek Castle, County Mayo

Wedding Photographer: Studio Brown