4 Meaningful Baby Naming Ceremony Ideas – Christening Alternatives

A lot of parents are looking for non-religious alternatives to christenings to help welcome their baby into the world. At Marry Me Ireland, we realise how important it is to celebrate your little one’s arrival with family and friends, so we’ve come up with some great alternatives that can be even more special and personal than religious ceremonies. If any of these sound perfect for you email info@marrymeireland.ie, for more information on how we can deliver the perfect baby naming ceremony for you.

1. Flower Ceremony

Flower ceremonies are a great way to include everyone whose important to your baby in the ceremony. Choose as many people as you’d like, and have them come up one by one and add a flower to a bouquet. As they are adding the flower they should make a wish for the child. This can be done aloud or in their head.

2. Print Ceremony

A print ceremony is the perfect way to remember your child’s naming ceremony. During the ceremony the babies footprint and/or handprint is taken and kept forever. It can be taken in paint and framed or even taken in clay and left to dry. Tip – If it’s on paper you can make copies for everyone who came to the ceremony.

3. Tree Planting Ceremony

If you are having the baby naming ceremony at home, or somewhere meaningful, a tree planting ceremony might be a nice idea. During the ceremony, the parents plant a seed or a baby tree. As the child grows up, the tree will grow with them. However, it’s important to get permission to plant it, if it is not on your own property, or it might get removed.

4. Blessings Ceremony

Blessings ceremonies are all about your future wishes for your child. Have all your friends and family members write a message for your child, to read in the future, in a book or on a page you can frame. It’s something they can really treasure forever.

Here at Marry Me Ireland we have a wide variety of exceptional celebrants who can deliver the baby naming ceremony of your dreams – traditional, unique or otherwise. So get in touch today and we can start planning your special day!