Baby Naming Ceremonies

Family Celebrants don’t just perform weddings, we also help to offer other ceremonies like The Baby Naming Ceremony.

In this new secular Ireland many young parents are choosing to celebrate their baby’s arrival in a way more appropriate to their beliefs and philosophies. This is a trend, we expect, will grow rapidly, especially with more non-religious schools springing up around the country. We can incorporate elements of a couple’s traditions, cultural practices or ideas into a baby naming ceremony that is meaningful to them and their family.

There are no set rules when it comes to this kind of rite of passage.  You are simply gathering together all of the people who you hope will play a role in the child’s life. This is your chance to introducing them formally your new arrival. It can take place in a function room, a garden, at home or anywhere that feels right for you. You can incorporate live or recorded music which can be chosen by you or by your celebrant. Poetry and prose can also be read out by either a guest, a parent or your celebrant. You can incorporate as much colour and imagination as you like in your baby naming ceremony.

photo by Bonnie Kittle Baby Naming Ceremonies

Ideas for how to create a baby naming ceremony:

The Parents Dedication: This is a pledge read by one or both parents to their new child. Perhaps they will promise to be patient and generous with their time. They may want to share their hopes and dreams for the child and for their life together as a family.

The Appointment of a guardian: Often a close family member of long time friend will be made a guardian of the child, not in the legal sense but a figure who will make themselves available should the child ever need them for advice, care, guidance or help.

Bestowing the Name: This is where a child’s is named, perhaps giving the reasons for choosing that name, maybe it was an ancestral name or perhaps had an interesting history. This marks the very first time that a child is introduced to their community using their new given name.

Baby’s hand and footprints: This is where either a print or a cast is created during the ceremony of the baby’s tiny hands and feet, capturing their size and shape on that very day. The prints can be added to a baby scrap book or if you are having a cast made in clay or , the hands and feet can be framed and displayed at home or kept as keepsake.  Siblings can also play a role in this and it is a great way to help them to feel included in welcoming their new brother/sister.

baby naming ceremony

Using petals or bouquets: As a wonderful way to involve guests in the baby naming ceremony we sometimes use petals or flowers. They can be brought forward by the guests either to create a colourful and diverse bouquet or to create a flower-water by placing the petals into a bowl of water. Each flower is given with a blessing or a positive thought or wish for the baby and represents the individuality and diversity of the community, bringing their gifts and good wishes to the child.

baby naming ceremony

We can help parents to come up with new, meaningful ways to welcome their baby into the world. For more info contact Marry Me Ireland.