Autumn Wedding Colour Schemes – Ideas and Inspiration

Summer weddings are coming to an end, while autumn weddings are full steam ahead. Autumn wedding colour schemes are a lot warmer than summer weddings. Earthier colours are favoured over brighter more colourful tones. If you are unsure of what autumn colour scheme you should plan your wedding around, take a look at these autumn colours 2018 weddings can’t get enough of.

Navy and Peach

Navy and pastel peach can work for weddings in any season, but we particularly love it for autumn weddings. This colour scheme is soft and romantic without being overly girly. The contrast of the masculine navy and the feminine peach pair together perfectly.

Maroon and Yellow

Maroon and yellow weddings match the autumn season perfectly. This colour scheme makes for great outdoor photos with fallen crunchy leaves. Yellow is usually reserved for spring and summer weddings but the richness of the maroon gives it a more autumn feel.

Orange and Cream

Orange and cream weddings are perfect all autumn, but are even more brilliant around Halloween. The vibrant oranges go perfectly with the neutral creams to create a wedding colour palette your guests will die for. Mix up the shades of orange for an effortless feel.

Mauve and Grey

Mauve and grey is perfect for elegant and timeless weddings. This rich colour scheme is perfect for both autumn and winter weddings. This has been a wedding favourite for a few years now and there’s no sign of it going out of style anytime soon.

Emerald Green and Pink

Emerald green and pink is a personal favourite autumn wedding colour scheme. The flower options are endless, making for stunning photos. This look would go perfect with vintage or rustic themed weddings.

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