Approaching the Marriage Conversation with your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Having the marriage conversation with your significant other can be awkward and uncomfortable, but in some cases it can be very necessary. When you feel like it’s time to take the next step, it is important that you discuss this with your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you have decided that the time is now then follow these simple guidelines to get the conversation running a lot smoother.

Have it Privately

This one is super important! The marriage conversation is definitely something that should be discussed in private. It is nobody else’s business but yours and your boyfriends or girlfriends. It may come up in conversation with friends and family wanting to know when you will be getting engaged, but keep it cool and don’t put anyone on the spot.

Stay Calm

It can definitely be uncomfortable and nerve-wrecking bringing up marriage for the first time, we totally get that! However, this is a very important conversation that shouldn’t be brought up in the heat of the moment. Have the conversation when it feels natural and take deep breaths.

Keep it Conversational

Don’t begin the conversation too heavy. Approach the situation from a relationship standpoint rather than a marriage standpoint and see where it flows from there. If you are too full on you will scare them away and they won’t be able to open up to you.

Don’t Present it as an Ultimatum

If you present the conversation as an ultimatum, it will get you nowhere. The point of the conversation is to see where your partners head is at rather than trying to pressure them in to something they’re not ready for. If you have never had the marriage conversation before, you need to give them time to digest and think about it before jumping to conclusions.

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