Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Rings for the Modern Couple

While a lot of couples still choose to wear traditional wedding rings, its far from your only choice. In recent years it’s becoming popular to skip the traditional single bands, in favour of more trendy options, or in favour of something closer to the couple’s taste.

Wedding Tattoos

This one is not for every couple, but if you are into tattoos then it’s a really fun option. Some couples get matching tattoos on their ring fingers, and others get matching tattoos elsewhere. Unlike the other options, this can’t be removed as easily, so make sure you get it somewhere you won’t regret, with a design you won’t easily bore of.

Stacking Rings

This one is becoming a huge trend for 2018, in general and as wedding rings. Women, in particular, are deciding they want a ring, but prefer the look of multiple together. This is nice because the couple can add a new ring at big anniversaries or other milestone events.

No Bands

This is particularly popular in the states but is crossing the Atlantic in recent years. A lot of women only want to wear their engagement rings, usually because they prefer the look, and a lot of men don’t want to wear a ring at all. This is a completely normal and fine option, so don’t feel pressured to wear anything you don’t want to.

Bracelets or Watches

This is a nice alternative to wedding rings if you still want a piece of jewellery but aren’t a fan of rings. A lot of couples get the inside engraved to commemorate the day. Watches are a staple piece for a lot of people, so it seems like an obvious choice when picking something to wear everyday to remind you of your wedding day.

Wish box Pendants

These are special pendants with a space to keep a small message you’ve written to your husband or wife inside. They are worn around the neck and perfect for lovers of chains and necklaces. These are both romantic and thoughtful.

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