How to Accommodate Dietary Needs at your Wedding

While it’s nearly impossible to cater to every one of your guest’s individual needs, some may have serious allergies or dietary restrictions that you will need to prepare for in advance. Fortunately, your caterers will know what to do in most circumstances, but it is up to you to make sure you find out what those restrictions are before your wedding day, to avoid any last minute stresses.

Ask on the Invitation

The first thing to do is to ask at the end of the invitation if there is any dietary restrictions or allergies you should know about. If you are having a big wedding it is more than likely somebody will be a vegan or vegetarian, or maybe someone will be allergic to fish or nuts. Your guests will appreciate your concern and will most likely only put down serious requests rather than personal preferences.

Let your Caterers Know

Once you receive your RSVP’s the next step is to let your caterers or venue know who needs what. If you are hiring an experienced caterer they should know what steps to take to prevent cross contamination etc. so it won’t be necessary to provide them with advice but they may need you to help out on deciding on an alternative meal.

Keep Foods Separate

If you are having finger food or a buffet, make sure everything is carefully labelled and kept separated. Your guests with any serious allergies will probably be used to double checking everything themselves but you can never be too careful. If you are having a sit down menu make sure the waiters are 100% sure on who should be served what.

Budget for Dietary Needs

If there are people attending your wedding that need specially made food this might cost you more.  A lot of caterers and venues will be accommodating but this is not always the case. Make sure to keep this in mind when sorting out your budget.

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