2019 Spring Wedding Colour Schemes – What is on Trend?

Spring weddings are all about lighter more colourful tones. Picking the perfect 2019 spring wedding colour palette sets the tone for your whole wedding. Your wedding colour scheme should be one of the first things you decide on when wedding planning. It really brings the whole look and design of your wedding together and it also helps in the decision making process.

Grey and Yellow

Weddings with a pop of colour really scream springtime! If you pair pale grey with a butter yellow you will really bring your wedding into spring. This colour pallet is suited to brides and grooms that want neutral tones with a twist.

Mint Green and Pink

Mint green and pink is a colour scheme that comes back up every year. They are a timeless pair that the wedding scene never tires of. Both colours make for great flower options from peonies to pink roses.

Yellow and Peach

Not everyone is into the colour peach, but if you choose the right tone it makes for a stunning wedding colour. Pair it with a pale yellow for a trendy 2019 spring wedding colour scheme. The two also go well with cream if you want to add another more neutral colour into the mix.

Pale Blue Tones

Mixing different blue tones is always a reliable option if you are getting overwhelmed with trying to make things match. Cream or ivory also goes really well with blue if you want to add a lighter colour to your colour palette.

Pink and Cream

This is one of our favourite 2019 spring wedding colour schemes. Pink and cream are really girly and romantic colours. Depending on your style you can have brighter pinks or baby pinks. Alternatively, you can combine option 2 with this look and go for green, pink, and cream.

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